Ways to Generate More Exposure on LinkedIn

Just take a look see how you can use the full potentials of LinkedIn platform for maximum benefits.

01. Encourage Conversations on LinkedIn Instead of regular Email. Every Social Media platform tends to have its own unique language and culture. LinkedIn is not any different. You may consider regular email a lot easier to handle all of your communication through but keeping it within the LinkedIn platform makes for easier bonding and camaraderie. That helps to build trust and better exposure on the platform.

02. Choose and Comment on Popular Posts. The more you comment on popular posts, the more such posts “carry you along” in their popularity. Google and other Search Engines do index popular posts and your comments benefit as well. That gives you real and meaningful exposure if you ask me.

03. Ask a Question with Every New Contact Request. If you are on LinkedIn, no doubt you get connection requests from time to time. It is advisable that when someone sends you a connection request, instead of just accepting it, you can grab the opportunity to reach out to them to find out what piqued their interest in your work or your profile. That is one way to get personal and it makes others to get more interested in you as well.

04. Republish Your Existing Content. I assume you have a blog because nearly everyone out there online has one these days. If you have a blog, republishing your content onto LinkedIn’s Publishing Platform is one of the easiest ways to notify your network about what is trending in your end. Generating more awareness is what gets people interested in your blog content. The more you get that before them, the better exposure you get.

  1. Send Direct Messages with Special Offers. Explore credible and acceptable ways to engage your contacts without having to embark on spamming. As human beings, our emotions and temperaments vary from person to person. So, you can’t be too careful in deciding which messages are suitable to send to other persons on the platform if you want them to remain friends with you.

    06. Engage with Your Connections’ Posts and Milestones. Always bear in mind that all LinkedIn users are real people with feelings and emotions. For that reason, any time you get a notification that one of your connections is having a work anniversary, birthday, and marriage anniversary or has got a new job; don’t fail to send a personalized congratulatory message no matter how busy you are.

    07. Increase Your Connections. Even though you may not accept all connection requests coming your way, more connections directly means more pairs of eyes seeing what you are offering. That is to say, more connections mean more people getting notifications every time you publish something on LinkedIn platform. With the easy information sharing buttons provided, you can directly expand your network exponentially by way of second-degree and third-degree connections or even more. As they say in this business, “The more the merrier.”

    No doubt, LinkedIn has become increasingly popular as the choice platform for business and professional persons to market themselves. Now everyone who wants to be taken seriously in business and the professions is getting out there to showcase themselves.

Ingreso Cybernetico

In this little review video about ingreso cybernetico and there has been so many things that have changed in the last year with ingreso. In the addition, of the new changes inside of Ic they came out with a affiliate program.

With that being said it’s no longer just network marketing or a MLM company that has products for online marketing professionals. It’s about getting the most form the training inside of the process of creating your own success online.

There is more than just what’s said in the video for auto-responders to become successful online. Selling the tools to everyone in the world can be a great way to create success online without using the MLM or multi-level marketing that everyone thinks is a scam already.

Nothing online is a scam, you have to understand the process of creating success online to become successful.

Take it from a real estate SEO and look through the video about ingreso cybernetico review.

Click the link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DE2UySKcXuA

3 Factors is that Google is looking for you in your Rankings


Before, we get into a pissing contest to see who is actually right on this subject. Everyone is going through a couple different stages with talking about SEO, on page SEO. Which most people talk about internal linking silo pages and spreading links around your site? Then, others is going refer to Detroit SEO  inside of your titles, bodies and off page seo. Yes, all that stuff is right but after that these three factors play the most important role these social signals, Trust flow, domain authority.

More info about Detroit SEO: http://paulsavola.com/detroit-seo-expert/

Let’s drive into social Signals!

Social signals is one of things that is going mSocial signals ake your site relevant to your industry or people that you have network with. Networking is helping others inside of your industry with them comment, likes, shares and a multiple type of things that could happen with social signals. As we look further into 2015 and Google talked about get rid of Google plus. I currently don’t see that move going into event until the end of the year or maybe never. But social signals do play a role in Rankings with that being said, I will be talking about trust flow and domain authority.

Trust Flow & Domain

These two things are driven into play with a two different tools for rankings inside of your site. Moz is focused on domain authority since PR (page Rank) does not play into any of the factors with any of the new updates. Your domain authority is going crucial in the next few years or maybe just forever but everything is always changing. Trust flow on the other hands looks like majestic seo is calculating it through back links to give them authority trust. Moving forward no one really know how Google is going hand things inside of this generation of SEO, but one thing can be certain. Nothing will ever be the same with SEO and everything will always change.

In this video explains a little more in detail about Luxury Real estate SEO and the three factors that are relevant inside of Google! Click down below….


Click the link to SEE on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7l76ZOHkQbY







Real estate keywords optimization

Are Keywords important inside of Real Estate?


As being inside of SEO, maybe you have no comprehension of the is related to your Real Estate Marketing leads  that are associated with search engine optimization. One of the biggest elements of your on page optimization is still keywords that that needs to be a variety on keywords for your website or web page.

People still talking about the Keyword density

Mostly SEO’s are still talking the density inside of SEO or search engine optimization. Some of the SEO’s are usinReal estate keywords optimizationg some old tactics that doesn’t really work today and today it’s about the variety of keywords that you are using. You might be asking yourself what does this have to do with my website with

search engine optimization

. One I am going give you a few examples of how keywords are used in variety and will be talking about some tips that will be used to rank your keywords.

A variety of keywords on single page, unlike a few years ago you used to have to use one keyword like: diet plan and use a keyword density of like 2-5% percent on your page. Now this is not story with using keywords and noticed that bold, italic, underline still helps google figure things out about your site.

I will talk about one of other sites @ paulsavola.com where I spread a variety of link among my site but focus on Real estate SEO, Real estate SEO expert and those two words would be considered a variety.

Remember for the words that you want to rank for those words, you will need to make sure that are different words and look in the Google Planner for search volume and keywords. Let’s talk about some of things that actually matter and that ranking your website on Google and other Search engines. I will give you a list, but I am going give a full report that would take a very long blog post or an hour YouTube just to cover all that information.

Some of the ranking factors 2015

I am only going give some of the ranking factors that is up to date with 2015 and nothing else at this time. Check out the list down below…

  1. Variety of Keywords
  2. On Page SEO- Silo Pages
  3. Off Page- 2-3 back links
  4. Social signals
  5. Citations if your are local

Overall keywords are your starting point with Real Estate Keywords for your website. That is the point where you start from and working on the other things after, I mean you should already have your On & Off SEO getting started. Well, I have to get going but I will talk to you next time with the newest blog post.

Talk to your later,

Paul Savola